Lunde Studios HO Morton House Resin Kit


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The gorgeous details on this stately building are clean, crisp and in deep relief, thanks to the tooling resin that precisely reproduces them from Bob Lunde’s masters. This fun-to-work-with material captures Bob’s fine designs better than injection molding ever did or could do, and it cuts and sands easily (great for kitbashing). Kit walls are sanded for smooth backs and removal of flash. Tabs and slots are molded in for assembly ease, and 45º angle corners are machined for an excellent fit. (Gap-filling super glues work great.) Every process is hand done here in the USA. Front walls are cast in stone color, with “common brick” color for sides and backs. Separate, pre-colored windows and doors leave only the brick areas on fronts to be painted; a small flat tip brush makes it surprisingly easy.

  • Separate, pre-colored windows and doors
  • Tab & slot corner locators for ease of assembly
  • Virtually flash-free walls 7 windows
  • Sturdy, easy to work with tooling resin
  • Crisp, deep-relief detail that only resin provides