Broadway Limited HO Paragon3 (TM) 4-8-4 Northern with Sound & DCC Engine #3756 (black, silver)


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This Santa Fe 4-8-4 Northern from Broadway Limited is a definitive steam locomotive for ATSF fans. Perhaps no other steam power defines the Santa Fe quite like its 4-8-4s. 
With an eye toward replacing 4-8-2s in passenger service, the road ordered a single 4-8-4 from Baldwin in 1927, which was assigned number 3751. After thorough testing, 13 more were ordered; all remained in service into the late 1950s. The 14 locos in the class were rebuilt several times. Major modifications included conversion from coal to oil fuel, replacement of the original 73" drivers with larger 80" wheels, replacing two small sand domes with a single large dome, and replacement of the original Elesco feedwater heater with a later Worthington type. Today, #3751 is the oldest surviving 4-8-4, and is cared for by the San Bernadino Railroad Historical Society. 
It features full Paragon3 sound and DCC for realistic sound and motor control. The Paragon3 sound system works with all Broadway Limited Rolling Thunder(TM) advanced sound systems. Other features of this steam locomotive include a heavy die cast chassis, smooth-running flywheel-equipped drive, directional headlights and magnetic knuckle couplers. Each model includes three styles of stacks to match Santa Fe practice; standard, with scissors extension in up position and with rear-facing smoke deflector hood. This HO Scale Santa Fe 4-8-4 Northern can be operated on all DCC systems as well as on standard DC railroads (with limited sound functionality). This model has wheels profiled to operate on Code 70 and larger rail.