American Model Builders O Loft Barn Laser-Cut Wood Kit


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Although not considered a great architectural design, the American barn is one of the most beloved icons of our culture. While traditionally thought of as a red painted, rectangular shaped, wooden constructed building with few windows, a gabled roof, and huge doors, barns have been built in all different shapes, sizes, and mediums for a variety of uses. Generally, they exist to protect our harvest, livestock, seed, and feed, but also as storage for the implements and machinery that aid us in growing food. They are perhaps one of the most important structures in our society and thus fitting to be included in the miniature world as well. In particular, the loft style barn was rather common all across the US with an upper story suitable for storing hay while the lower level provided storage space for feed, seed, and planting and harvesting equipment. Furthermore, the overhanging loft provided the perfect protection for parking a small tractor or plow beneath. LASERKIT’s barn release for the O scale market is designed not only for the model railroader short on real estate, but also for those folks new to the craftsman kit market who will find this utilitarian structure very easy to build and a great introduction to the LASERKIT product line. This easy to assemble laser-cut wood model uses Tab & Slot and Peel &Stick construction, which will allow any modeler the ability to have a painted and assembled barn in as little as two evenings. The structure features a second story interior floor, panel roofing sheets, and sliding style doors that may be modeled in any position. Best of all, the 6” tall Loft Barn has only a 6” long x 4.25” wide footprint making it ideal for any size layout.