American Model Builders N Northern Pacific 1200 Series Wood Cupola Caboose Kit


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The Northern Pacific Railway first rostered these short, offset cupola wood cabooses beginning in 1907-1908 with the delivery of 100 cars built in its own shops; additional batches would follow in 1909 and 1912-1913. These 24' crummies would later be known as the 1200 series cars. In 1921, the Pacific Car & Foundry constructed 90 similar wood cabooses for the NP, the 1700 series, with a number of these cars being direct copies of the older series. By late 1946, all the wood cabooses, now exhibiting steel center sills, were being rebuilt to a common floor plan as they were shopped and received major renovations including: straight cupola sides, new end railing, three-step end platforms, and AB type brake gear. This final revision of the 1200 series would see the class through to the end of the 1960s with a number of cars surviving into the Burlington Northern era.
This kit represents the 1200 series (and a few 1700 series) cabooses as they appeared after all the various rebuilds. Optional details include both wide and narrow ladder landing arrangements.
The kit features tab and slot carbody, peel and stick windows, doors and trim, laser-cut underframe, end platforms, ladders, end railing, hand grabs, window glazing, and brake wheels; cast resin platform steps and brake gear; plastic smokejack; and fully illustrated instructions that provide information on painting and decaling the assembled model. Less trucks and couplers.
Photo shows assembled and painted model - assembly required.