American Model Builders N IC Type A Depot Laser-Cut Wood Kit


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The Illinois Central built a series of new, smaller depots during the post-WWII era as a cost savings measure. Many of the company’s older depots were in need of extensive repairs and the decline of passenger service on several lines made it more economical to tear down the original structure and then build a replacement out of new and salvaged lumber. The type “A”, represented by our newest N scale kit, was one of the largest of the four standard designs measuring 36’-3” in length and 16’-3” wide at the end walls. It had a separate waiting room for passengers, an office for the agent, and an express-baggage-freight area. Kit #618 features custom laser-scribed and cut plywood walls and roof, white metal chimney, and a screen door on the passenger waiting room as well as Peel & Stick windows (with individual sashes), doors, trim, and 3-Tab shingles. The kit may be built with either the passenger waiting room on the left or right-hand side.
  • 3” long x 1.5” wide x 1.25” high