American Model Builders HO Wood Truss Auto Bridge Laser-Cut Wood Kit


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This kit represents an old fashioned wood truss bridge - similar to those first built in the days of the horse and buggy but survived well into the 20th century with their adaptation to pedestrian and single lane auto traffic. Designed for crossing just about any land or water feature on your layout, the HO scale bridge features 100% laser-cut basswood parts with custom laser-scribed plywood decking, safety railing and truss rod detail complete with turnbuckles, end support trestle bents, wood retaining walls, signposts, and full-color highway signage. Assembled bridge measures 9.5 inches long x 3 inches wide x 2 inches high with support bents measuring 0.75 inches high. Installation of retaining walls to fit specific layout location will require additional space.

Accessories Not Included