American Model Builders HO Wood Caboose Laser-Cut Wood Kit - Rock Island - Standard Version


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The Rock Island began receiving an improved design caboose in 1905.   Having a slightly wider cupola and car body then previous RI cabooses, these crummies were constructed new up until 1921, but many saw service well into the 1960s.  Numbered 17900 – 18807, the RI wood cabooses were built by several car builders including American Car & Foundry, Mount Vernon Car Company, Whipple Car Company, and Standard Steel Car Company. The design did vary slightly between manufacturers in that some cars were built with four side windows and others with five windows.  The cabooses were later rebuilt with steel underframes and many had the window situated behind the stove blanked out. This rendering of this popular caboose follows the five-window version as it appeared after being rebuilt.

  • 100% laser-cut components with custom laser-scribed side and end walls
  • Tab & slot and peel & stick construction
  • Laser-cut underframe, end platforms, end railing, and brake wheels

Does not include Trucks or Couplers.