American Model Builders HO United Farmers Co-op Laser-Cut Wood Kit


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The United Farmers Co-op is based on a long business tradition in the United States that dates back to the mid-1800s. Members of rural communities would pool their resources and form agricultural cooperatives where the cost of supplies, storage, and the transportation of the harvest could be shared. Eventually, these co-ops would grow to include energy resources, financial services, and commodity brokering to its members, which appeared as a family of businesses under the Co-op brand name in many small towns across the country. Today, there are still some 3,000 farmer cooperatives in the US serving an estimated two million farmers and ranchers along with their families.

Although not based on any specific prototype, this laser-cut wood kit reflects the spirit of these farmer co-ops, so prevalent in the hundreds of small towns dotting the breadbasket region of the country. This structure is right at home trackside providing a warehouse for supplies received by rail as well as offering a truck loading dock, store front, gas pump, and an attached repair shed, where tractor and implemented repairs and welding services could be procured. Topped off with colorful billboard signage, the Farmers Co-op features AMB’s usual tab and slot wall construction; peel and stick windows/doors/trim; rafter tails; dock height floor; laser-cut tarpaper, battens, and roofing materials; and an assortment of custom white metal and cast resin detail parts. 
  • 7” long x 4.5” wide (including trackside dock) x 4” high over signboard.