Blair Line N Blairstown General Store Kit


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  • Nearly every town had one or more of these common structures and few survive today in the deepest areas of rural America. This common structure was found covered with tin and porcelain advertising signs everywhere in the USA. General stores often housed the local grocery store, butcher, post office, hardware store, clothing store and local gossip center. False fronts were nearly a "standard" design for general stores and our kit also includes a store room built on the back as was commonly found on these structures. This kit would also make a nice company store for your mining community.
  • Kit features laser-cut walls, doors, windows, floor, and back porch addition. Cast metal or injection molded plastic chimney. Also includes laser-cut peel-n-stick trim and roofing for easy assembly.  Authentic full color signs and a wall sign decal.
  • N scale kit dimensions:  2.00" wide x 3.00" deep