Blair Line HO A-to-Z Used Car Lot Kit


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  • Very common business found all over the USA and in all but the smallest towns.  Our used car lot is based on lots from the 1950's but are still common even to this day. Our A-to-Z Used Car kit would make a great display for all those great looking HO and N scale vehicles in your collection.
  • Car lot may built on a corner as shown above or on a straight lot. May also built on a triangular lot or just about any odd sized lot you have available.  
  • Sales office features laser-cut walls with tab and slot construction and etched nail holes in aged clapboard siding. Laser-cut cut peel-n-stick doors and windows, with laser cut glazing. Windows may be built open or closed. Exposed rafter tails, laser-cut peel-n-stick trim and roll roofing. And a great looking laser-cut rooftop sign with modern and vintage (shown) signage.
  • Includes laser-cut sidewalks and curbs with curbside laser-cut signage as shown above. Also includes a large 3-D laser-cut A-to-Z Dependable Used Cars billboard to install on the back of your lot layout.
  • Details include a metal smoke jack, ladder, tires, soda machine and great selection of authentic and realistic signs.
  • N scale sales office dimensions:  2.10" wide x 1.33" deep (including stairs)