Bar Mills HO Bull's Salvage Kit


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Complete with "interior studs", white metal & resin castings, and some cool graphics we have to warn you... this kit is a challenge.  Not terribly difficult but definitely more than a few steps "up" from what you'd expect from a kit of this price ! If you're in a "rush" or are brand new to this part of the hobby this kit is NOT for you... but if you want to try something a little different and thought provoking we can tell you for a fact that this is one you'll want to have.
The "footprint" on for our HO-scale diorama was about 5x7", you could easily expand the scene by adding more details to it.  We see this building as being located virtually anywhere, from a rural road to a waterfront.  Admittedly, for use on a waterfront we'd add some lobster traps and "fish netting" made from "tule" fabric that you can get an any fabric store.